Facilitation and Planning

Whether you’re addressing a complicated question, creating a strategic plan,
supporting a collaborative, or leading community-wide or system-wide change,
you’re constantly making key planning choices. Facilitation support can be
essential to an efficient, well planned, and engaging process that results in
high-quality decisions.

Empowering meaningful change

Community Works Consulting’s experienced facilitators
offer you expert guidance and an independent perspective.
Working together, you’ll clearly define your needs, craft an
agenda designed to engage and explore ideas inclusively,
brainstorm, build consensus, and plan for growth and change.
We ensure that this process takes place in safe, engaging
environments where everyone involved has a voice while
encouraging creative thinking.

How your organization benefits:

  • You’ll identify your most favorable outcomes and get a custom roadmap for
    achieving them.
  • Your team will be inspired to full engagement and participation as you create
    a process that allows all voices to be heard and respected.
  • You’ll develop clear, well-defined strategies your entire team can implement
    with confidence.
  • You will have the structural support to have consistent thoughtful reasons
    to convene.

To explore how facilitation can energize your organization,
collaborative or project, contact us today.

Working with Community Works Consulting was a valuable investment in expanding United Cambodian Community’s impact. Through Community Works Consulting, UCC developed a clear, concise vision and mission statement that embodied our cultural values and also set UCC apart from other nonprofits. The Consulting team was culturally sensitive, grounded in community work, collaborative, and had strong expertise.”

Susana Sngiem Executive Director, United Cambodian Community