Capacity Building

I have long been impressed with the amount of care that CWC takes for its clients. There’s no cookie cutter, binder #3, off-the-shelf delivery. The staff is knowledgeable, they listen and create something customized. Our Board and staff now have a clear understanding of what is needed to be successful and the first steps towards that goal.”

Linda Alexander Executive Director, Immaculate Heart Community

Strengthening systems, making informed decisions, and enhancing business practices can involve many complex questions. Capacity building offers you the research, resources, and guidance you need to strengthen your practices and address a wide range of operations, programmatic, and organizational questions.

Make the Most of Your Time, Money, and Talent

When old systems no longer work but new ways of doing business haven’t been defined, it’s time to revitalize your capacity. You’ll get an assessment specifically designed for your organization, which may be informed by one or more of the following:

  • Consultation with leaders in your field
  • Focus groups to gather staff or stakeholder input
  • Researching best and emerging practices
  • Recommendations for the most optimal steps to strengthen your organization.

You’ll also get the assistance you need to develop, document, and support the path you choose, by offering policies, procedures, orientation materials, and much more.

How your organization benefits:

  • Use your resources more efficiently.
  • Increase positive outcomes.
  • Determine the best way forward, whatever challenges you face.
  • Strengthen your capacity to fulfill your mission.

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