The success of the business is based upon our producing extraordinarily positive outcomes for our clients, and extraordinarily positive experiences for our staff and contractors. Our mission and values inform how we do our work and how we are with each other.

Our Mission
We help nonprofit organizations to be strong, powerful change makers.

Our Values

•  Passion  
We choose clients based upon the people, our passions, and the project’s viability.

•  Service
We are here to be of service to our client’s mission, vision, values and leadership.

•  Trust
Through extraordinary customer service we strive to build trusting relationship with our clients that last well beyond our initial engagement.

•  Sustainability
We strive to create positive, sustainable change that strengthens our clients’ work and facilitates their ability to produce desired results.

•  Abundance
We are committed to creating abundance for all involved: clients, contractors and ourselves.

•  Courage
We are committed to positive change, often requiring thoughtful risks. Mistakes are inevitable. We own them and learn from them.

“Their vast knowledge, wealth of experience, and enthusiasm is reflected in their consulting work.”

Jeremy Niculescu
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, USC School of Social Work