Community Works Consulting’s facilitation and team building skills are the best that I have experienced. However, the skill that I find to be the most important is their ability to maintain focus, regardless of disruptions and distractions, while leading a group to a logical, practical, and efficient outcome. 

Luanne Mauro Atkinson
Assistant Director, Family Services, Long Beach Unified School District Head Start
Chair, Long Beach Early Childhood & Education Committee

Supporting Change

Nonprofits face the need to make decision and planning choices on a constant basis. Whether addressing a complicated question at a meeting, creating a strategic plan, supporting a collaborative, or leading a community wide or system-wide change, facilitation support can be essential to an efficient, well planned, and engaging process that results in quality decisions.

Community Works Consulting’s facilitators are experienced guides who can offer an independent perspective while working with you to define your needs, craft an agenda designed to engage and explore ideas inclusively, and help groups brainstorm, build consensus, and plan for growth or change. Our specialty is in creating safe, engaging environments that ensure everyone involved has a voice and that encourage the best thinking for all involved.

We work hard to ensure that your meeting and planning time is used well. Through our facilitation services we will:

  • Work closely with you to identify your desired outcomes.
  • Use best practices for brainstorming, planning, and inclusive engagement resulting in thoughtful and fully explored decisions.
  • Encourage full participation by creating a process that allows all voices to be heard and respected.
  • Facilitate a process that, after appropriate exploration, leads to decisions that you can implement.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how facilitation might be of service to you.

“Carol Hass and her team are terrific listeners and able to assess, process, then position the organization’s needs to attract funders.”

Monica McDade
Assistant Vice President, Major Gifts
Special Olympics Southern California