Before launching Community Works Consulting, Carol directed the day-to-day operations of the development department of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, a multi-million dollar social service, health and community services center.

In this position, Carol managed a $1.4 million budget and directed an 11 person team that collectively raised $4 million annually from individuals, foundations and corporations. With more than 15 years’ experience working in and with community-based nonprofit organizations, Carol has a track record of creating environments where staff, volunteers and contractors thrive and produce high-end, quality results.

As a volunteer, Carol has served on board of directors, advisory boards, event production committees and strategic planning workgroups. Through her work and volunteerism, Carol has earned a reputation for:
~Facilitative Leadership that builds the capacity of team members, encourages communication and problem solving across programs and disciplines, and promotes group ownership of outcomes.

~Resource Development Planning that provides a clear roadmap for staff and volunteers to successfully build sustainable, diverse funding streams.

~Strategic Grants Management that includes strengthening the case-for-giving, facilitating program development to include components that are critical to funding sources, and developing collaborative relationships with funders.

~Facilitative planning that leads to collaborative, thoughtful decision making and produces plans that are functional tools for implementing change.

~Executive Management of Fund Development for Nonprofits in Transition that includes quick and efficient assessment of the status of an agency’s development program, identification of development-related needs, and implementation of tailored plans that stabilize development programs during transition, resulting in increases in funding streams.

~Maximizing Capacity of Staff and Volunteers by developing organizational structures and systems that leverage existing skills and available resources.